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Home of the Ground Level 5 inch Gauge Mainline Association

We promote 5" gauge, 1  /     inch to one foot (1.0625 ins - 1ft) scale modelling of British main line railways.

We hold rallies around the country at a variety of tracks.

There are club projects, currently track and signal building.

All members are welcome at all club events, you don't need a loco or even a wagon to participate.

There is an active forum where there is a huge knowledge base of fellow members.

The club magazine "Turnout" is circulated to all members.




Forthcoming GL5 events
See the forum for more details.

24th - 26th March 2023. GL5 event at Gilling.

NOTE. This has now been changed! All participants at this event, whether driving or not, must show a current GL5 membership card. This will act as proof of insurance cover.

28th - 30th April 2023. Rally at Cinderbarrow, Carnforth.

21st - 23rd July, GL5 AGM at Saracen's Head, Lincolnshire.

More details of events will be on the forum and Events page later.

Events of interest

13 - 14th May, Gilling Mainline rally.

26 - 28th Auguat, Gilling Mainline rally.

Contact RSME for more details of these two events.

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