Home of the Ground Level 5 inch Gauge Mainline Association

We promote 5" gauge, 1  /     inch to one foot (1.0625 ins - 1ft) scale modelling of British main line railways.

We hold rallies around the country at a variety of tracks.

There are club projects, currently track and signal building.

All members are welcome at all club events, you don't need a loco or even a wagon to participate.

There is an active forum where there is a huge knowledge base of fellow members.

The club magazine "Turnout" is circulated to all members.




Forthcoming GL5 events
See the forum for more details.

16th - 18th September, GL5 event at Saracen's Head.

1st - 2nd October, GL5 stand at G1MRA exhibition at Bicester

More details on all of these will be on the forum and Events page later.

Due to a recent accident (not involving GL5), the committee has decided that no volatile flammable liquids are to be taken to the steaming bays at any of our meetings, unless they are mixed with wood or charcoal.